Design with a purpose

Taiyab is a freelance designer who helps startups and entrepreneurs design better products.

Health Station

Healthstation is a national medical consultation service for West Africa. It was created to provide both general medical advice helpline and allow for quick, direct access to your local doctor through calls and instant messaging.

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Bluechip is a secure app development platform built into a microSD card. Perfect for sensitive data communication, securing your apps and IoT devices.

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Meducation is a learning network  with over 100,000 medical professionals from the UK founded by Jeremy Walker and Dr. Alastair Buick. I was brought into the small team as a designer.

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Dribbble Shots

Snippets from my recent work on Dribbble.

Hey, my name’s Taiyab. I’ve been designing websites and applications as a passion since an early age. I love getting immersed in a good design challenge, working through and iterating on solutions.

I typically work with startups and small businesses to better their products through good design. Previously, my design work for a food ordering startup helped them get acquired. I’ve also worked on innovative banking, healthcare and payments solutions for emerging economies.

I believe in constantly learning new things and pushing yourself with every new project. You can always get better.