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I help startups design demand-driven products.

Taiyab Raja is a freelance UI & UX designer from Birmingham with expertise in designing iOS, Android and web apps. Available for new projects.

Bytes Recruitment

Re-imagining digital recruitment

Digital recruitment agencies are notorious for bad, old, branding, strategy and workflow. We had to transform this agency from the ground up: strategy, branding, visuals, mindset, training, everything to bring it up to scratch in the modern tech world.

Bytes Website Preview

Aviation training that doesn't suck

The world of training tools for aviation is rather dull, uninspiring and traditionally difficult to use. I was tasked to take Scandlearn's existing software solution and bring it to life with a whole new UX.

Scandlearn Website Preview

Helping Muslims make the journey of a lifetime

Hajj is a special pilgrimage Muslims make once in their life. We helped research and build, a service to help Muslims find the perfect Hajj package for them. Website Preview
Ajwa Aliyah

Premium dates grown in the soil of the haram, Madinah.

The Western Muslim market needed a gift truly fit for special occasions. We developed Ajwa Aliyah, dates imported from the sacred area of Madinah.

Ajwa Aliyah Tin

Reinventing a development agency.

A local development agency needed a rebrand to transform their company image to reflect their ethos.

Bluetel Glyph Development

Got a project in mind? Let's chat.

Whether you have a particular project in mind you’d like me to help with, or you just want advice and feedback on anything, just ask.