I help startups design demand-driven products.

A product designer with expertise in helping startups design products that customers really want and need.

Taiyab Raja

Taking the stress out of buying and selling your home.

I was tasked to help Moovyn design their plaform to help homeowners sell their home online with ease.

Moovyn Mockup

Helping Muslims make the journey of a lifetime.

Hajj is a special pilgrimage Muslims make once in their life. We helped research and build, a service to help Muslims find the perfect Hajj package for them.

Hujjaj Walkthrough

Making creative subjects fun in school.

Studying creative subjects in schools means building up a physical portfolio of work, which gets tedious. Kapture8 replaces that by making it easy to capture your work as you go along.

Kapture8 Mockup

Premium dates grown in the soil of the haram, Madinah.

The western Muslim market needed a gift truly fit for special occasions. We developed Ajwa Aliyah, dates imported from the sacred area of Madinah.

Ajwa Aliyah Tin

Reinventing a development agency.

A local development agency needed a rebrand to transform their company image to reflect their ethos.

Bluetel Logo Development

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